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eMDee Technology, Inc.
VIC-3/L Communications
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Product Description

The VIC-3/L communications software is an independent application that simulates the operation of a VIC-3/L intercommunications system. The system can accommodate up to 4 FFCS/L intercom boxes (8 total operators). Radio simulation is provided for up to 6 virtual radios which can be driven from static data or from virtual radio panels.


All of the features of the FFCS/L are simulated, allowing up to 8 operators to utilize the system as they would in a real vehicle. The 4 FFCS/L intercom boxes can be used in virtual mode, or they can be interfaced to the simulated hardware FFCS/L.

The software requires an independent stereo audio channel for each FFCS/L that will be used. So, if all 4 FFCS/L boxes will be used, your PC must have 4 stereo audio channels available (8 mono channels). The software is specifically designed to operate with the 8-channel Layla3G manufactured by Echo Audio Corporation.

Up to 6 virtual radios can be simulated (radios A through F). The radio parameters can be statically defined in a configuration file or can be controlled using virtual panels or simulated hardware panels.

Sample Application

Light Vehicle Simulated Communications and Radio System Example