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eMDee Technology, Inc.
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Product Description

The Simulated Dual ASIP SIMGARS radio replicates the form, function, and size of the real SINCGARS ASIP radio. The SIMGARS ASIP R/T runs on a standard PC as a USB peripheral and can be operated using SIMGARS ASIP RTS Radio Training Software (sold separately).


Simulating the SINCGARS ASIP R/T, our SIMGARS ASIP R/T is built on a rugged aluminum frame and has internal interface circuitry that reduces the number of cables running to/from the supporting computer. One USB connection, two line-level inputs, and two line-level outputs are the only connections needed. No external power source is required, the USB provides all the power required to operate the device. Front-panel audio connectors are compatible with an H-250 handset.

Standard Functions:

  • Power On Self Test
  • Adjust transmit power level
  • Adjust receiver volume
  • Adjust LCD display brightness
  • Load/Store single channel frequencies
  • Transmit/Receive audio in single channel, COMSEC, and Frequency Hopping modes
  • Power Off and Standby

Sample Application

Light Vehicle Simulated Communications and Radio System Example