eMDee Technology, Inc.

eMDee Technology, Inc.
Simulated FFCS (Analog Audio)
Ordering Information
Part number: 10417
Price: $1,150.00
Availability: 4 - 6 Weeks

Product Description

The Medium-Fidelity Simulated FFCS has the capabilities to access 6 radio channels independently and one intercom. Each station also includes a volume control. The Intercom control allows the user to operate in PTT, LIVE, VOX, or O/R modes. This model also allows for separate WORK and MONITOR operations.


This Medium-Fidelity model is built with an aluminum frame and is sized to similar dimensions of the tactical component. It is equipped with a connection on the bottom of the unit for use with tactical CVC helmets. This device requires a sound card to accept line-level inputs and outputs. A locking USB 2.0 connector is provided for digital I/O for all switch settings and PTT. All external connectors are located on the sides of the unit so it can be flush-mounted. External connections to the device are:

  • 19-pin circular locking connector for line-level input/output and CVC microphone power
  • Circular locking USB 2.0 connection for digital I/O