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eMDee Technology, Inc.
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Product Description

The Common Gunnery Communication System (CGCS) is an independent application that makes the communication software for the AGTS systems a common set of software components that can be used in most variations of AGTS devices. While this product is tailored to the AGTS systems, the software can be modified to support integration into other systems.


This application is compatible with Windows2000/XP/Vista. Each application is delivered on a CDROM with a complete installation and setup program.

Feature List:

  • Compatible only with Layla multi-channel sound devices
  • Input and output capable for 6 headsets
  • Intercom switching modeled after VIC-3 system (also compatible with VIC-1)
  • Activation of microphone audio to network can be discrete (PTT) or VOX
  • VOX trigger level is user-configurable for each headset
  • Five network radios available to all headsets
  • Crew radios and intructor radios are individually selectable as full-duplex or half-duplex
  • Virtual frequency of each radio is host-configurable
  • Access to network radios is user-configurable for each headset
  • Ability to disable company radio or company and platoon radio
  • DIS exercise ID is host-configurable
  • Standard tones ("Alternate Path Available","Up", NBC Tone, Warning Tone, BIT "Intercom Channel")
  • 5 user-configurable one-shot sounds
  • 10 user-configurable looping sounds
  • Individual volume controls for each tone
  • Audio level monitors for input and output
  • Audio and activity level monitors for network radios