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eMDee Technology, Inc.
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Product Description

The Common Gunnery Sound System (CGSS) is an independent application that makes the aural cue software for the AGTS systems a common set of software components that can be used in most variations of AGTS devices. While this product is tailored to the AGTS systems, the software can be modified to support integration into other systems.


This application is compatible with Windows2000/XP/Vista. Each application is delivered on a CDROM with a complete installation and setup program.

Features of the CGSS:

  • Two Speaker output capability with any Windows sound card
  • Audio output level monitors
  • Master volume control
  • Individual volume controls for each sound
  • Over 30 Standard Sounds (Turret, Vehicle moving, Main Gun Load, Coax Gun, etc...)
  • 10 user-configurable one-shot sounds
  • 10 user-configurable looping sounds
  • 10 user-configurable complex sounds (start-loop-stop)