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eMDee Technology, Inc.
3 Channel USB Headset Interface Box
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Part number: 10386
Price: $675.00
Availability: 3 - 6 Weeks
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The 3-Channel USB Headset Interface Box provides an excellent interface for instructor and observer stations into DIS and HLA radio networks. This version accommodates up to 3 headsets with electret-style microphones. Connection to a PC is through a single USB 2.0 connection - all audio and digital I/O is sent through the USB interface.


  • The enclosure is a small, aluminum desktop unit that is approximately 8"W x 6"D x 2"H
  • Connect up to three headsets with 1/4" phone jacks (specifically designed for David Clark model H3432)
  • Independent volume control for each headset
  • External speaker connection (1/8" phone jack) for external, amplified speakers
  • Requires +12VDC external power supply for microphone bias voltage (included)