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eMDee Technology, Inc.
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Product Description

SIMGARS RTS is radio training software modeled from the SINCGARS radio. This software can be loaded on almost any standard PC. The SIMGARS RTS can be operated in virtual mode by allowing the trainee to operate the radio by the click of a mouse. The SIMGARS RTS can also interface to the SIMGARS R/T (P/N:10379) simulated radio to deliver an even more realistic training environment.


Standard Functions:

  • Power On Self Test
  • Adjust transmit power level
  • Adjust receiver volume
  • Adjust LED display brightness
  • Load/Store single channel frequencies
  • Enter frequency offset to single channel mode
  • Manually enter time of day
  • Load/Store COMSEC/TRANSEC data from simulated CYZ-10
  • Scroll COMSEC keys
  • Enter frequency hopping net
  • Transmit/Receive audio in single channel, COMSEC, and Frequency Hopping modes
  • Zeroize crypto fills
  • Power Off and Standby