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DisCommWin Radio and Intercom Simulation Software
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DisCommWin is an implementation of DisComm Technology for Windows operating systems. DisCommWin is provided as a Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) that provides a high-level function interface to allow applications to control simulated radios and intercoms. It requires no special hardware and will run on almost any standard PC.


Our DisCommWin Radio Simulation Software was designed with the idea not to limit the user in terms of hardware or software. A few important points are outlined below:

  • DIS and HLA compatible
  • Will run on Windows2000/XP/Vista
  • Will interface to any high-level language that can call DLL functions
  • WinSock Network Interface - this allows DisCommWin to be compatible with a wide range of network types and network interface cards.
  • DirectSound Audio Interface - part of Microsoft's DirectX multimedia interface specification, DirectSound provides a number of benefits. DirectSound allows other applications to share an audio port with another application. It also provides a generic, standard interface to almost any manufacturer of audio card and can control as many audio cards as the system will hold.
  • Object-Oriented Software Architecture - DisCommWin was written in C++ and every opportunity was used to exploit its object-oriented capabilities. By using dynamic object creation, the user is not limited to the number of audio interface devices, simulated radios, or intercoms that can be used. By using polymorphism and inheritance, new simulated radio models can be added for special applications.