eMDee Technology, Inc.

eMDee Technology, Inc.
About DisComm Radio Simulation Technology

DisComm Technology is our core technology that we began developing in 1996 and since then have developed many products from that technology.

DisComm is actually a concept rather than a product. The idea behind DisComm technology is to provide solutions for the training and simulation industry that focus on the communications aspect of distributed training. Other solutions do exist that attempt to tackle this problem in a variety of ways. We feel that our software-centric approach is unique and provides the user with the opportunity to customize their communications system to fit their needs. Most of our systems in the field are difficult to identify as eMDee Technology products because the systems have been tailored so as to appear custom. In fact, there are a few communications system vendors that have licensed DisComm Technology as the foundation of their products.

The idea behind DisComm is rather simple. Its building blocks are audio devices, virtual radios, and network interface. The building blocks should be object oriented and polymorphic. In other words, there should be no limit to the number of blocks that can be created and each block should be designed for specific characteristics but retain common components for interchangeability.

The diagram above shows the building blocks as they would be connected together. The diagram shows one layer of possibility - imagine that there can be an unlimited number of these diagrams stacked on top of each other. The result is an unlimited number of virtual radios and unlimited number of audio device, all connected together through the network interface.

All of the communications software products on this website were created using DisComm Technology. As you browse through our website you will see the different configurations and possibilities of using DisComm Technology.